Before the job, Duane Poole (President) meets with you personally. Speaking directly with Duane insures consistency, from the initial estimate to the installation process. Discussion about your general requirements for the job and associated materials will result in an estimate. If approved, a bid will be submitted. This bid is a fixed price proposition, and will function as a contract if accepted.

We work one job at a time, until it is complete. Unlike some other contractors, once we arrive at your home, we will be there to see your work through to the end. During the job, Duane will be working with the crew on and off site, and is available to answer questions, change work orders, and offer informed advice on any potential issue. You can also ask questions of our informed and friendly employees.

We subcontract nothing out, when you hire Preferred Exteriors inc., you get us.

Much of our work comes from repeat clients. We leave you feeling satisfied that a good job has been done. We greatly value your good opinion and possible referral, even after we’ve long left the site.