Adding value to your home when the housing market is bad.

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Here is a list of nine things that can increase the value of your home and distinguish it from other homes being sold in the neighborhood.

  1. Interior paint: even a subtle color change with neutral colors and repainted trim can transform the impression one gets from a dwelling. Tying together a home’s rooms with a sensible color palette, and unifying the trim colors can create a drastic difference in the feeling a person takes away after a walkthrough.
  2. Insulation: homeowners often seem suprised at how reasonably priced an insulation upgrade can be, especially when considering how effective they can be in lowering heating and cooling expenses. A typical attic blown-in insulation install rates about $2-3000. Comparing a heating bill to that number will quickly show the benefits possible in saving money each month.
  3. Closets: adding closets to your bedrooms can do wonders for a home’s appeal, as well as value. “I would have made a purchase offer, but there simply wasn’t enough closet space”.
  4. Replacement windows: new windows improve the inside and outside of a house, most especially when the old ones are painted shut or otherwise outdated and working improperly. Buying a quality window is important, but don’t overlook the balance between an energy effective window and the overall insulation efficiency of a home. An expensive, highly rated window won’t do much if the rest of the house is not up to keeping the cold out, and the heat in.
  5. Roof cleaning: If your home is in a highly shaded area, it is likely that black streaks or mold have marred the appearance of your roof. Most cases can be solved for under $1000 with an effective cleaning solution, making your asphalt shingles look new again.
  6. Landscaping: few things add curb appeal like freshly groomed grounds. Even simple mulching around existing trees and shrubs can add order.
  7. Interior doors: relatively inexpensive to buy and install. Interior doors that are in bad physical condition or that don’t open and close properly reflect poorly on the maintenance of a dwelling. Although it seems like a big job, replacement of the doors and trim can be accomplished rather quickly, making a solid impact on decor.
  8. Cabinet doors and hardware: along similar lines, kitchen cabinets can benefit from a similar treatment. Simply replacing the drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs can be a cheap and simple “one tool” job, bring about a small but thoughtful touch to a kitchen. One step further; tacking on a new style of cabinet door to the face frames will effect a more broad facelift.
  9. Lighting: Often overlooked, lighting is great bang for your buck, and intensely important to making a home feel cozy and inviting. Updated fixtures can add a hint of style, and function as well. Task lighting appropriate to a room’s purpose, and general area lighting will bring warmth and comfort to a place. Recessed kitchen lighting is a popular addition.

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