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Finding a reliable handyman can be hard. The problem homeowners seem to have is finding an INSURED handyman that does quality work and shows up on time.

I have heard many horror stories about local so-called contractors or handymen in places like Rochester, Auburn, Baldwinsville, Geneva, Waterloo and Syracuse, doing shoddy work. Even worse are the emergency situations some handymen take on (especially for a landlord’s rental property), situations like roof leaks or clogged drains. Many never even show up to fix these time sensitive problems.

Many contractors shrug off smaller jobs. Poole Construction / Preferred Exteriors & Renovations, Inc. welcomes them. We are in the process on creating a division specifically for the odd jobs some may have. We understand that small jobs can often serve as a low risk manner of building a working relationship with your preferred professional, and this can lead to a larger job. We are eager to serve your needs, small or large.


We have no problem working with building inspectors on code violations or or other similar needs such as obtaining a certificate of occupancy.

Commercial Storefronts/property management:

We currently work with a number of nationwide maintenance and repair companies and have done many repairs on commercial buildings. We have no problems with net 30 billings, w9′s and listing you as additionally insured and getting coi’s to you.

In closing:

If you are looking for a reliable professional handyman or remodeling company we will be a great fit for your needs, and always present a great value for the quality of work performed.

Areas we cover:

Including but not limited to: Syracuse, Baldwinsville , Geneva, Ithaca, Oswego, Liverpool,Waterloo outlet mall,Wolcott, Rochester. These are just examples and we cover a much larger swath than these. As alway if you need our services or advice it doesn’t hurt to ask.