New stuff for 2017!!

We have just some awesome stuff coming out this year.

Many homes are at the age in Central NY that could really benefit from quality replacement windows

I would like to focus on some things that are quite surprising to homeowners I meet.

Replacement windows are not just white on white. We at Preferred Exteriors carry windows that have 9 exterior colors as well as multiple interior wood grain style options!

Decorative glass. We have 3 styles of star crests as well as 4cut glass options 4 pattern grid options and multiple profiles.

Why it’s worth taking a look at our triple panes.

It’s cheaper than you think. Our cost of triple pane windows has decreased substantially over the last few years. It’s not uncommon for our triple pane installed cost to be comparable to the competitions double pane price. We also offer low monthly payments, coupled with reduced utility bills is a great combo!

2- Cost savings never stops, in fact it only increases. Historically speaking energy costs rise year after year. Putting in triple pane windows now could save you thousands and thousands of dollars off your future utility bills.

3- We have amazing wood grain style interiors and even color matching interior trim if needed. Perfect for the home that already has a natural wood interior trim or for someone who doesn’t want an ordinary white/white color window.

4-Exterior colors and v grooved cut glass. 9 total exterior colors and amazing grid patterns.

5-Sound dampening. Even if you are comfortable with your current utility bill (never met anyone who was) sound dampening is a huge perk. Not hearing road noise, Syracuse snow plows or the local landscaper’s mower is plain great. Triple pane windows will go a long way into getting the serenity in your home you’re looking for.

We also have triple pane sliding doors!