flat-roofFlat Roofs:

Many commercial buildings in CNY have flat roofs. We offer services for installation or repair of many types of flat roofs. We even do small residential flat roofs as well. Here is some flat roofing options we offer to the Central NY area:





EPDMRoofingEPDM Rubber Roofing installation and repair for commercial and residential properties small and large. Many times our preferred method and .060 EPDM rubber roofing last longer than most alternatives. If you have a flat roof in Central New York call Duane today at 315-729-1120.






flintlastic_certainteedCertainteed Flintlastic: Certainteed Flintlastic is a product we use in and around Wayne County and is generally used on the roofline of flat dormers or where you can see roofline from the road. We can color match it to most shingles and is used mostly where aesthetics on your home are important. This is a great way to cover your flat roof.


roof-coatingRoof coating: Many times an older modified bitumen roof will need to be resealed and coated. We do offer this service and will usually extend your roof life by years. This usually is only available on commercial buildings.




ibroofWe are proud to offer the IB Roof System to our neighbors here in Wayne County NY.

The IB Roof System Promise:

IBRoof Systems, (“IBRS”), will replace the affected portion of the IBRS membrane that fails due to a manufacturing defect. (Conditions apply)

Warranty Period:

This warranty commences upon the ‘Date of Completion’ and will last as long as you own the home. This warranty is for the lifetime of the owner and is transferable for residential customers. (*Certain restrictions apply).